Tweet By Poly   The week closed out with some truly amazing action, and to a large extent expected too.  Within the mid-week report I noted “The currently marked Cycle remains as this being a very late stage Daily Cycle that is trapping investors before its final collapse.  If this scenario holds true, then gold […]


Tweet By @tradepoly I know many people are concerned about Gold here as a result of the action out of the miners today.   Before I look at the miners, I want to say that in light of the carnage within Equities and the PM Miners, Gold/Silver held up extremely well.  I really believe that Gold is […]

Tweet Back in September when this had it’s big run-up I suggested this would be a good buying opportunity when some of the overbought nature of the move worked itself off. Generally a strong move in the RSI (above 75+) will be followed by a correction back to the 40 level on the RSI and […]