Tweet By Jeff Pierce Below is the sentiment/bias of the major contributors at zentrader for the next 2 weeks. The majority of this group was very bullish for the last two weeks and the markets have rallied strongly. Can the recent rally continue with only 2 remaining bulls (Jeff and Chris) and a few others […]

Tweet We are seeing some extreme readings on the put call ratio and we need some time to work off these oversold readings. Remember that the crowd is mostly wrong. Given the the Facebook IPO was a flop and expectations so high we may see more follow through on the downside at the open on […]

Tweet The vertical ascent of the BB Width Indicator is astonishing as I’ve never known it to go straight up like this. Anytime you see these anomalies in the charts it’s always exciting to see how it plays out (yes..I’m a chart geek). You can see the contrast better with this 6 yr chart. The […]