Tweet By Chris Ebert One of the most confusing things that stock traders are likely to encounter in the options market is that options offer more than one right answer. There are usually several different ways of earning a profit with options, whereas there is only one way to earn a profit on a stock […]

Tweet Right Now is the Best Time to be a Trader – Cost, decentralization, and community are the big factors.  The Problem with Beliefs– This is a massive article and will require some time, but good stuff about beliefs. Trading – A Billion Dollar Industry Built on Coinflips – “People are spending nights and weekends […]


Tweet I’m noticing some signs that the markets could be poised to start off 2009 on a down note. The Vix has seem to have found some support in the low 40’s now that volatility has dropped considerably. Renewed selling in the markets will cause investors to stress and bring a new wave of volatility […]