Tweet The following is a macroeconomic view of the current market from fellow Canadian investor Nicholas Marriot, who primarily invests based on fundamentals when leading stocks incur a significant pullback. Before we get to that, I want to revisit his previous post Inside the Mind of a Zentrader Reader that I posted back in November, to see […]

Tweet The dollar continues to surprise as I think most traders assume it’s going to collapse with all the money-printing the Fed is doing these days, as they infuse the markets with new money each month. However it’s important to not let what you think is going to happen dictate your trading. According to the 3 […]

Tweet   I created this chart back in October with the 1220 target based on the May highs. I have to laugh because I didn’t really think we’d hit it. In the interview below with Bob Janjuah (which I highly recommend based on his history of right calls), he considers 1220 to be a critical Fibonacci […]

Tweet “if folks really understood what was going on they would be pissed. but most are happy to spot breakouts.” @marketmonk “Anyone else feel like we are on a freight train headed for a cliff? Oh look the transports are up.” @docjck Amazingly fantastic day if you’re long. Frustrating day if you were in cash. Disastrous […]