Tweet By Financial Tap The poor economic news keeps rolling in and I will make it a point in the monthly edition to go over the current macro-economic outlook for both the US and world economy.  For now, it was just further weakness with news of weak durable goods announcement, a revised lower GDP, and […]

Tweet By Karen Starich Bernanke increased the money supply, as I predicted he would, except there is no secret to his vast 40 billion per month QE3. September 13th is truly a turning point and what has transpired with Bernanke’s decision, in my view, is a blatant misuse of power and could lead to his […]


Tweet By Karen Starich The recent rally with gold and silver sort of crept up on many traders who were waiting for the Fed to announce the start of QE3. The rally started the first week of August with or without (?) more QE.  The question mark reflects my personal opinion that more QE is […]