Tweet An interesting observation I noticed  regarding the ATR on the general markets and the volatility index below – see how the ATR (average true range) on the 3 charts below have been getting tighter and leveling off. That means that the amount these charts are moving are lessening each day and the longer this […]

Tweet It really feels like the rubber band that is the markets are quickly approaching an inflection point. The Nasdaq continues to plow higher in it’s bearish rising wedge while the VIX drowns in it’s own complacency. While you can’t see it in the VIX chart below, it is at multi-year lows and is at […]

Tweet The following is an except from today’s premium content from All About Trends focusing on micro-trends. When you become a premium member for $15/month (50% off) you can expect to receive daily trade ideas and market analysis from an unbiased point of view. It’s Thursday and tomorrow is Options Expiration Friday. Nothing like being at […]