Tweet By Harlan Pyan The following is an excerpt from November 7th’s premium update at All About Trends. Enjoy a free 15 day trial to receive daily stock picks, market analysis, & complete trading plan. Promo code: zen. Nasty huh? Not really once we get you centered. Yesterday with regards to the SPX we said: “We’ll sum it […]

Tweet …as I think it’ll be a good opportunity as the markets have proven they want to go up – it’s just that they have gone up too far too fast for their own good. More in video.


Tweet (Click to enlarge) When the markets are hitting all time highs and indicators like the RSI and ADX (my 2 favorite) are climbing higher and higher each day, the likelihood of a pullback is low as it takes some time for the momentum to slow down. However when markets continue to move higher and you start […]

Tweet But there’s really no other way to play this rally. It’s either you suffer the risk of a stealth market correction or you suffer the mental frustration of sitting on the sidelines. [ad#ad-1]