Tweet In a market that has been considerably weak over the last week it has surprised me how resilient real estate has been. What prompted me to look at IYR today is that TOL and DHI showed up on a very short list of momentum names after I ran my scans tonight. IYR has barely given up any of […]

Tweet . The following is a guest post by Dave Ambrose and is geared for those who want to create passive income through rental properties without the headaches associated with finding responsible tenants . I was at a real estate investment club meeting in 2005 and one of the guys at the table I was […]

Tweet . I decided to do a last second video on the real estate market, all of which are covered in the video. (DJUSHB, DJUSRE, and SRS) (click to enlarge) [ad#Google Adsense]

Tweet These are updated charts of the housing market that I was exposed to at Agora Financial. One of the things the speakers stressed is that when a correction occurs of this magnitude it always reverts back to the mean at the very least. And any good crowd technician will tell you that they tend […]