Tweet By Jeff Pierce I’m out to suggest that we do something at Astrology Traders that is both unique, prescient and profitable. It’s also very different from any other service out there where we blend financial astrology and my expertise in technical analysis. Whatever your belief is at the end of the day it’s all […]

Tweet By Karen Starich The RIMM story may be the opposite of Apple.  RIMM has more than doubled in price since October and has caught our attention.  Pluto is conjoin Jupiter (institutional investors) in the incorporation chart and conjoin the Midheaven in the IPO chart.  The combination suggests a new cycle has been set in […]

Tweet I lowered my cost average on my large SPY short buy selling puts on Thursday which expired worthless on Friday and I’ll do the same this week. I still have shorts on DIA QQQ EWC as I remain firmly bearish on the markets in general. Here are a few charts of widely followed stocks […]

Tweet . I tried to get to them all and I’m starting to see a few more requests trickle in as I finish up this post. Be sure to sign up for my email series if you want to be considered for future technical analysis videos. Sorry about the length as I didn’t realize how […]