Tweet By Karen Starich This is a follow-up to my August 12th article where I described some of the transits to the IPO chart that I felt hinted to a further correction.  What prompted me to write the article was the similar technical pattern the stock had to the recent pullback with Starbucks (SBUX) that turned out […]

Tweet By Karen Starich I have to admit I am hooked on cappuccino.  So much so that I bought my own cappuccino machine (from Starbucks of course), not content to have to get in my car to drive to my local coffee shop.  I have other reasons too since I am very particular about using […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert Stock options are not only useful tools for managing the risk of a trade; they can also be analyzed in ways that can help determine the appropriate times to place a trade. This week’s focus is on Starbucks (SBUX) options. How it works The theory goes like this: If it is […]