Tweet Early update for those on the east coast tonight. It’s amazing how different it is trading on the west coast vs east coast in terms of waking up early to fitting in one’s stock research throughout the day. The market’s closing at 1pm is a blessing and a curse sometimes. Stocks mentioned in the […]

Tweet   From my perspective we currently find ourselves in the handle of a massive cup with handle pattern that has a lot of upside if it plays out. As crazy as it sounds we could be heading much higher. Or…this is the double top pattern and we’re going to sink like a rock. I dislike […]

Tweet   I just created this 3 line break chart of the Nasdaq summation index on Stockcharts and thought I’d share as it challenges my bullish outlook. It also incorporates some of what I’m learning from the book “Sentiment Indicators” that I started over the holiday weekend. So far it has been very enjoyable and informative […]