Tweet Just in time for my market timing signal to turn bullish, I’m seeing signs that now is the time to get back into the gold and silver markets. It appears that we’ve found support of GLD and SLV right where I had drawn it up. Silver has been much stronger and if you’re trying […]

Tweet It’s really hard to get all you want to say inside of 5 minutes, so I apologize for the abrupt ending. Essentially the markets can go either way at this point because my timing signal is close to going bullish or bearish, but I’m going through the motions of looking for long plays (in […]


Tweet . My conclusion about where silver is heading is we could be about to have a mild correction back to $24.57, but it’s to early to start shorting if that’s how you want to play the correction. Personally I think it’s safer to wait until the correction is over and buy more, but there […]

Tweet . Canadian markets are not sporting a clear technical pattern yet and the declining RSI is the only insights I can find as to where this may go at this moment. If the metals weaken (which the charts suggest), then the TSX should correct with them.