Tweet By Karen Starich The recent pullback in silver is counter intuitive to the HUI and suggests something is not jiving with the paper price of silver.  There are currently very strong aspects with Jupiter (silver) and Saturn (gold and mining) to the U.S. chart that would suggest institutional investors acquiring large amounts of the […]

Tweet Back in September when this had it’s big run-up I suggested this would be a good buying opportunity when some of the overbought nature of the move worked itself off. Generally a strong move in the RSI (above 75+) will be followed by a correction back to the 40 level on the RSI and […]

Tweet I would be a buyer with slightly more weakness in this sector. Below I’ve indicated potential areas of support on the stocks I like in this sector. I believe this pullback will be swift and extremely volatile, and it will be bought quickly so you’ll have to be quick on the buy button. There […]

Tweet This is sort of a follow up to Karen’s article a few days ago highlighting gold and silver as a sector that you’ll want to pay attention to in the coming weeks. Here is a ratio chart of the Gold:USD. If you are unfamiliar with what a ratio chart is here is Stockcharts definition: […]