Tweet SOX is forming a bearish head and shoulders. I’m a big fan of technology leading market rallies and it can never be good when the semi’s are this weak. Financials look like they are on their way to the 2009 lows, after being rejected at the 38.2% fib. The Dollar looks like it’s consolidating […]


Tweet The Semiconductor Index (SOX) is carving out the right shoulder of a bearish head and shoulder pattern. Below that chart is 6 of the better performing stocks in the semi sector, which by and large are long term bearish charts that look like their about to resume their downward bias. Observation: Out of these 6 […]

Tweet The Good news for the Semiconductor stocks is that we’ve broken out of a range on the 60 minute chart that gives hope for the bulls that the rally in tech will continue. All rallies have to start somewhere and you’ll find clues in smaller time frames. The bad news is the daily chart […]

Tweet On Friday I was trying to decide if I wanted to carry any positions over the long weekend and it was a fairly easy decision because I’m so torn on the future direction of the markets. I’m noticing strength in individual sectors, but the overall markets seem to be losing momentum and I’m not […]