Tweet   I’m not sure if any of these are going to afford us an opportunity to get on board, but if they do I think you’ll be rewarded. Out of all of these I like SPRD & ZIXI the most…simply because these continue to show up on my screens night after night. Historically these […]

Tweet   German markets broke out of a symmetrical triangle/wedge formation…however you interpret this, it has bullish implications. When world markets are confirming the strength in the U.S. markets, it’s a sign that the current trend remains up. I also wanted to point out that I’ve included a link on the far right sidebar, under […]

Tweet When you view a chart in candlevolume view you can visually see how the volume blends in with the price action to tell a story. We had massive volume accumulation back at the end of August and today we closed right at that support. We are also at the 50 moving average which should […]

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Tweet My charts are painting a bullish picture and this week’s behaviour seems to be validating that, as does my timing system. We had a consolidation day yesterday and today we opened higher with a slight sell off EOD to keep the bulls from getting to giddy over recent gains. When you throw in the […]