Tweet By All About Trends – the following is an excerpt from the premium mid day report. Subscribers receive daily commentary, stock picks and a weekend wrap-up. Experience our accurate market analysis, trading methodology, and stock selection to elevate your equity curve with this limited time special offer.   Careful stock selection and sector rotation is the name […]

Tweet I sent the following out to my free newsletter list near the close today: Today my market timing signal issued a buy signal from our current “sidelines” view on the general markets. It continues to be safe to buy stocks long or if you want to pick your favorite market ETF you could do […]

Tweet   By Chris Ebert Although the market was oversold early this week, late-week buying did little to change the option indices. The Covered Call/Naked Put Index (CCNPI) showed some signs of improvement, but remained in bearish territory. The Long Call/ Married Put Index (LCMPI) continued to show no signs of bull market strength, while […]

Tweet The following is a post by Christopher Ebert, who uses his engineering background to mix and match options as a means of preserving portfolio wealth while outpacing inflation. He studies options daily, trade options almost exclusively, and enjoys sharing his experiences with anyone who is interested. Don’t say you weren’t warned! Option strategies can […]