Tweet By All About Trends From here on out the rest of the day volume drops off and things tend to slow down, aside from S&P downgrading Spain as we write this, but we’ve all already known that and it’s not anything new if you ask us. Just that it happened on a pre-holiday trade […]

Tweet By All About Trends Friday we said: “Trend channel support is 40 to 60 points lower on the S&P 500 so we could easily come down there and bounce right back up. Keep in mind tops are a process,not an exact. Look at the market top of March 2012. It chewed around there for about […]

Tweet Here are a few of the standouts today that I think could do well if the market has a follow through day tomorrow, which despite still owning contras, I believe the market has the momentum to do so. Just remember the Fed meets next week and that could be the catalyst for the real […]

Tweet I realize as a short term trader it feels like everyday is a pivotal day, but I think tomorrow will be unique as my timing signal could turn back to bullish and we have a full moon, which recent months have been turning points. The video below will go into more details and remember […]