Tweet By Liz DeMera A Summation Index that is going upward is bullish for the market as can be seen below in the first chart, unless of course the market decides to take another turn. The summation bar chart (second chart) is showing a possibility of becoming very overbought if Monday is up again. So, […]

Tweet One way or another this tight range is going to break. The summation index has had a very nice run since Mid-June and the fact that it went from such an oversold area to overbought suggests higher prices are coming, but it’s not a guarantee. I would almost liken this pattern to a bullish flag […]

Tweet Everybody has one question tonight. Is the stock market going to bottom soon? So I decided to ask my magic 8-Ball. I debated whether to write up a commentary about today’s action as it could change in a flash if we suddenly hear that the bailout is suddenly approved, but I thought I’d ad […]