Tweet By All About Trends Yesterday we said: “IF we are going higher we are going to need some sort of digestion or consolidation of gains via sideways (preferable) or slightly down (orderly pullback) before we can get another surge higher IF we are on our way here.” 1-3 As you can see since peaking […]

Tweet By All About Trends After last week one can’t help but to ask that question here. We all know we are overbought and the charts below show numerous reasons for an imminent pullback. But that’s not all bad you know either, doing so relieves some of the late to the party Greedy Gus froth. RSI […]

Tweet By All About Trends Anybody as for a side order of Mario Bros. as in Mario Draghi of the ECB (European Central Bank)? We got the Fed out of the way and we even got one of the Mario Brothers out of the way. However, true to Eurocrat form he took back everything he […]

Tweet By All About Trends For you Trekkies you’ll understand that reference. And that’s what we are looking at right in here — A whole lotta shaking errr resistance going on. In multiple forms we might add. Caution on the long side IS advised. Quick question for you all. What if these two indexes above […]