Tweet 6 charts that should rise  based on the technicals if the markets don’t completely fall apart.

Tweet Today’s Breakout in SWI – today was the day to look in some profits as it’s going to be releasing earnings next week. In many ways this is exactly the sort of chart patterns I look for. Leaders that have gone on nice runs, pullback enough to shake out the weak hands, but finds […]

Tweet Put aside all the low volume days we’ve been having and if you want some stocks that have been very strong over the past 6 months that have been consolidating and could be poised to move higher into the 1st quarter of 2012…look no further. [ad#ad-1]

Tweet Here are four bullish chart patterns below that showed up on my bullish scans today. Today’s bounce was rather weak when you consider today’s volume on the Nasdaq, but it’s a start. I closed my only position in CORN today after the selloff and I’m glad that I took half off the table last […]