Tweet By Karen Starich In 1993 when President Clinton was struggling with his budget deal it was the invisible bond vigilantes that almost wrecked his presidency.  James Carville came out in the media with a spiritual epiphany declaring his desire to reincarnate as the bond market so he could intimidate everyone.  It looks like the […]


Tweet Head and shoulder topping pattern on bonds is still in play as far as I’m concerned. Look no further than the RSI and you see negative divergence when it made it’s last night in July and then new lows. This rally is probably close to being over as we form the right shoulder.

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Tweet By Karen Starich During the webinar last week we discussed the recent bullish move for TBT and advised a long position near $15.95 .  We could see another significant move up for TBT on August 24th.  We could also see a pullback on the dates I mentioned above (9/11-9/14), so I advise scaling in […]