Tweet By Jeff Pierce I was listening to a recorded hypnosis seminar today and the speaker was talking about how the brain is made up of two parts. As I often do I see how the content of this information is relevant to my own trading. The first part of the brain is called the […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce You can either look at today’s move down as the start of something bigger with a lot of downside room to go. Or you can view it as a bump that a car speeding up a hill runs over and the sheer momentum of the vehicle will likely transport the car […]

Tweet In the following video: Why I still like the miners as a short despite the past few days. A new sector that went on my short radar today with stock picks I like short. Why I won’t make excuses for my trades because of trading biases. Pro currency trader trades live every day using […]

Tweet The following is a post by Stephen Burns, who is a trend follower that specializes in the Darvas System. Traders repent of your sins. At least that’s the message that Ruth Barrons Roosevelt preaches in her book “Overcoming 7 Deadly Sins of Trading“. If you want to be successful in trading you must overcome the […]