Tweet By All About Trends Friday We Said: “According to Elliott Wave theory after the completion of a 5-waves down sequence it typically leads to a 3-waves up counter trend rally. That’s always the issue with waves and trends, you never know how far they are going to go just that you are in them. The […]

Tweet Psychological Errors When Trading and Ways To Prevent Them   Making trades is stressful. Every trader has successes and failures, losses and mistakes. Psychological errors are almost always stress based, meaning that due to the stress of the trading situation itself, traders make poorly considered or impulsive choices that create panic or fear. The simplest way […]

Tweet This is going to be one of those posts that you want to bookmark and read over and over because there is so much wisdom here from Mark Douglas and these concepts really need to sink in. The majority of this post are my notes from a recorded seminar that I watched within the INO TV […]

Tweet . Investors Still Haven’t Understood Leveraged ETF’S – Great explanation why I stay away from leveraged ETF’s. Double Trading Loser – Why you shouldn’t throw good money after bad. Investment Madness – Digging into psychological biases within your trading. Trading Tools A comprehensive list of trading tools that Leigh Drodgen uses. Some I’ve never […]