Tweet By Jeff Pierce Jeff Pierce is a momentum trader who runs the twitter suggestion service tradewithZEN. You can view all of his real time trades since June here.  His trades are now available on Ditto Trade for those with busy lifestyles or who are finding the volatility too much to trade. Nove 14th Trade Idea Recap […]

Tweet By All About Trends You can’t go higher until you stop going down. That said, the first step to higher can sometimes be sideways. We’ve seen this numerous times at market lows and at market highs. In other words markets sometimes have to carve out lows or highs. We’ve seen them last 2 days […]

Tweet The following is an excerpt from today’s mid-day report from All About Trends, who teach traders how to achieve a rising equity curve. As a premium member for $15/month (50% off) you can expect to receive daily trade ideas,market analysis, and a concise trading plan for all their trades. I approve of their stock selection and […]

Tweet It’s always nice to talk about what happened in the markets, but we always have to be forward looking to how we want to play the markets during the next week. Below are my upside targets should the market rally. I’m not calling for a bounce, but we all know they can happen at […]