Tweet A few minutes ago I closed out my index long positions because I was trying to justify holding on for more gains and at that moment I realized that “greed” was trying to gain control of the steering wheel. That and last night I blogged that if the markets rallied significantly (at or higher than the […]


Tweet I’m seeing enough positive things in the Nasdaq that leads me to believe we’re going to move higher. How far exactly I can’t say, but my signals are now bullish and the ability of the markets to stay above the June highs is encouraging. Right now I’d say we have about 50 points of […]

Tweet …and they all end up badly. Just a side note, I thought you’d all be interested to know I saw the real live Sopranos tonight in a local coffee shop…lol. [ad#co-1]

Tweet The US Dollar actually looks extremely attractive from the long side. Not at this exact moment….but after a pullback….and only if the pullback is orderly. Those two things have to occur before I’ll consider investing in this vehicle, however there are a lot of good things going on with this chart that suggests the […]