Tweet While I am surprised at the strength of the general markets over the last few weeks, nothing has changed from my long term trading perspective. I think the miners are ready to roll over as well as the general markets and I’m positioned accordingly. Today was exceptionally volatile in my personal account and I […]

Tweet I ran out of time on the video and didn’t have time to point out the major divergence on the MACD of the Nasdaq Advance Decline chart. This goes back to last year when it peak and has been slowly making lower highs and lower lows while the internals move higher. This is a […]

Tweet I started to see the first signs of bullishness in the market indexes on Tuesday but the Dow Transports, which I haven’t been paying attention to, looks to have put in a short term bottom two weeks ago. First with volume essentially drying up and with four accumulation days under it’s belt, it’s starting […]

Tweet Tuesday morning update: covered half of my shorts 30 minutes into the trading day. I’m not going to fight this morning’s strength and will wait for EOD to see if signal changes. Update: Shows you how much I’m with it….Markets were closed today. I remain bearish per my timing system, but this market needs […]