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Tweet By Poly From a Cycles standpoint, all is progressing to expectations.  The 30 point drop over two sessions was to be expected after a 34 day rally that hardly came up for air.  A Daily Cycle of that strength and length was well due a couple of sessions of profit taking.  The question now […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce Some of you have asked me for the stats behind my trade suggestion service tradewithZEN and I have something really cool to share with you. Most of the time I don’t have time to analyze stats like this between trading, blogging, and living….so it’s with a lot of gratitude I can offer the […]

Tweet By All About Trends The following is an excerpt from today’s mid day update from All About Trends. We’re going to be running a promotion in the upcoming weeks and giving away a free two week trial without any charges on your credit card (available only to new customers). If you’d follow their work […]