Tweet As you can see by the 3 line break chart in weekly view, the trend has obviously changed in silver. I would not be buying these dips as you’re most likely going to be straddled with losses very fast. If you do want to get into silver, I suggest waiting for a dip to […]

Tweet From my vantage point the Nasdaq is stuck between resistance and a possible gap that could be filled around the 2760 area. Other than some mild overbought readings on various indicators I track, I believe the place to be is long, while keeping some powder dry for a quick 1-3 day pullback. The Dow […]

Tweet This chart looks like a mess but there is a method behind this madness. Essentially the blue arrows show when the McCllellan Oscillator peaks after a period of bullishness. Even after this indicator peaks the initial momentum required to get the indicator to new highs will fuel the markets advance while this indicator starts […]

Tweet This chart alone suggests a bounce is coming without considering the last 9/10 days have been down days in the markets. Divergences in the TRIX, $NYMO, and a flat line in the RSI is a win for the bulls as well. Now lets look at a chart of Barclays 20yr T-Bond which runs inverse […]