Tweet …according to my proprietary market timing indicators. And when you look at the divergences in this chart it only adds support to my theory. The Trix and $NYMO has been declining for the last 6 weeks as the market has been rising. Add in the fact that the McClellan Oscillator has just gone negative […]

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Tweet While today felt strong as there were some nice gainers across the board, the close felt very forced and tired. Lacking new leaders and hardly any stocks hitting new highs I smell exhaustion. It seems that many smaller priced speculative stocks (FEED, APWR) are making parabolic moves and that can often be a sign […]

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Tweet Another look at some divergence in the markets. It would be risky to become aggressive on the short side until a downside break occurs, as it still could keep moving higher, but a 30% rise in a month is a bit frothy. You’ll see these same patterns occurring in the SPX and NASDAQ as […]

Tweet I noticed this last night and should have exited my longs and got caught today in the downdraft. These divergences in the $NYMO and the TRIX could be signaling lower prices for the averages in the coming days/weeks. It would make sense for the markets to digest some of March’s gains and decline or […]