Tweet By Jeff Pierce Strong emerging markets indicate stability around the world which means the US markets could continue to rally. This has moved up slowly and is not overbought at all.   If I had a large long position I’d be looking to unload as this chart is all but saying it’s about to […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce Ever since tradewithZEN was launched in June 2012 I’ve identified many stocks that have gone on for huge runs, but if subscribers don’t take the trades it doesn’t matter. I added TSLA on April 4th when it was trading at $43.93 & YELP on May 2nd at $32.22. Since June 2013, in […]


Tweet By Jeff Pierce PCLN is nearing the $1000 price level and has done so very quietly. I haven’t heard anybody talking about this and if this was Apple at $900 all you would hear is how it’s going to $1000 and beyond. All four of these stocks have done extremely well over the last […]

Tweet I lowered my cost average on my large SPY short buy selling puts on Thursday which expired worthless on Friday and I’ll do the same this week. I still have shorts on DIA QQQ EWC as I remain firmly bearish on the markets in general. Here are a few charts of widely followed stocks […]