Tweet The purpose of the markets is to redistribute wealth from the many to the few – If you read any of these, read this one. Very important. Justin Mamis Trading Wisdom– Now is always a good time to brush up on your trading education. The market isn’t predictable and it wouldn’t help you anyways – […]

Tweet I was going to do a market video tonight and point out all the extremes in the market but I decided what was the point. We have some very important news to digest tomorrow and it’s going to completely skew any technical analysis or chart interpretations I may have tonight. The bottom line is […]

Tweet Not Pulling the Trigger is Losing for the Right Trader – “Information and analysis has a shelf life” – don’t let them go stale. On the Illusion of Tomorrow– “Tomorrow will come, and tomorrow will go. Take a deep breath and enjoy right now. This is what is real.” Every Trader is Working with […]

Tweet Recently Discovered Video Interview with Seth Klarman – Buffett says one of the few he would feel comfortable managing his money is Klarman Bears Give Up– Biggest switch in sentiment in 7 years (look for more of this in the media) Demystifying Meditation – brain imaging illustrates how meditation reduces pain Understanding trading patterns […]