Tweet . This is a tricky sector to analyze given the volatility and I almost didn’t do this post because I’ve covered this sector a lot lately, but I wanted to alert you to the possibility that this sector is about to take off again. It seems these ETF’s have found support around the RSI […]


Tweet . Due to an overwhelming amount of emails and questions about the uranium sector I thought I’d address it in a video. It’s quite random but I think it conveys my thoughts a little better and it’s sometimes easier to mass address so many concerns this way. Here is the link of uranium related […]

Tweet . Today I received buy alerts on URRE and UEC and after checking out the charts I passed, because I don’t believe they’ve had enough of a correction that gives a trader a good risk/reward. I did some analysis on URRE that can be applied to any of these stocks in this sector. While […]


Tweet Since uranium stocks have been on such a roll lately I did some research and tried to put together a watch-list of some of the strongest charts from this sector from the US & Canadian markets. Essentially they are out of my “buy” range as I like to buy momentum, but I don’t like […]