Tweet The Uranium ETF (URA) has pulled back to an area where lately it’s bounced, often times very quickly. I pay attention to the RSI indicator a lot, and have found that when it stays between the 40-80 area it remains in a strong uptrend. When you combine that indicator with a 50 moving average, […]


Tweet Since uranium stocks have been on such a roll lately I did some research and tried to put together a watch-list of some of the strongest charts from this sector from the US & Canadian markets. Essentially they are out of my “buy” range as I like to buy momentum, but I don’t like […]


Tweet I really like this sector based on the ability of it’s leaders to breakout, or the patterns that suggest a breakout is coming. Volume supports the breakouts as well.

Tweet   I’m not sure if any of these are going to afford us an opportunity to get on board, but if they do I think you’ll be rewarded. Out of all of these I like SPRD & ZIXI the most…simply because these continue to show up on my screens night after night. Historically these […]