Tweet What I mean is that sure the market rallied strongly today, but it sure does feel like we sold our soul to the Fed. The Dollar collapses, the Gold Bugs rejoice and most are left shaking their heads and saying “wha’ happen?”  Today’s move by the central bankers really has me feeling like the […]


Tweet As bullish as traders have become on the dollar lately I have a hard time seeing new 2012 highs coming anytime soon. Note the negative divergence on RSI. The more likely scenario is that the Dollar has formed a short term top, which may allow the general markets rally to continue for a little […]

Tweet I used the morning weakness in the metals to trim a significant amount of my miners and I’m left with 20% exposure in this sector. Until the CRX makes a new low (chart below) and the EWC closes below the area I’ve indicated as support, there is a good chance we could see a […]

Tweet I bought UUP after the close today as it hit my pullback target. There are 4 reasons that I like this where it close at, providing a nice cluster of support. Yes, I know Sunday night will change everything with the news, but as a trader it’s important to be aware of macro news […]