Tweet . I decided to do a last minute video on the gold/silver/dollar to see where we stand in those markets. I also provided a couple of trade ideas at the end for those who watch it till the end. I also wanted to mention that I was recently added to the Finance section at […]

Tweet   Yesterday I put some targets for a silver pullback and it hit the .38% fib number today. I also think gold is overdone on the downside and should begin to turn back up from here. Judging by how UUP reacts at the upper Bollinger band, it’s run up about all it’s going to […]

Tweet I really wanted to be in cash at the close of today’s trading, but my signal didn’t tell me to move to cash. I was looking over some charts just now and realized that it’s really pointless because tomorrow is going to be news driving and emotions are going to rule the day. My […]

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Tweet The dollar has no business going up, but maybe it’s a case of it’s the best of the worst currencies out there. So far this recent move up is unimpressive at best, with no volume behind it, however if it manages to hit a new closing weekly high, then I may get interested in […]