Tweet So one very weird aspect to the market is how volatility continues to be muted as the market falls. In the homemade chart below you can see that not only is fear not climbing in the market we’re not even on the positive side of fear, relative to it’s 10 day moving average. One would expect […]

Tweet Lots of news next week to digest with Fed meeting and Jobs #’s on Friday. Expect the unexpected. In a perfect scenario we are slightly down Mon-Tues and when the Fed meets it’s initially met with a big sell off – that may be the time to load up. I’ll have to see the character of […]

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Tweet VIXY – I’m watching to see if this is going to fall through support or bounce and head higher. If the market churns higher this will likely move lower back toward $80, which could be a good area to buy. However if last weeks bullish moves turn out to be a smokescreen and the […]

Tweet Reasons I’m bullish after today’s ugly selloff: VIXY is losing momentum and looks very toppy – when it goes down market will go up Market internals / Nasdaq Up-volume stats appear quite bullish or in other words not as bad as one would think Too many people are focusing on bear flag – contrarian indicator […]