Tweet This is a difficult market to analyze because this week’s close gave fuel to both cases in my opinion. The bulls can argue that the way we rebounded off the lows on Friday is bullish, while the bears can say that this is the start of a larger decline. Next week will likely cloud […]

Tweet If there’s one thing about the market that is bothering me is how bullish everyone is (including myself). Seems like everything feels the risk on trade is off and it’s back to business as usual on the markets.  And when I say back to business I mean 3 steps up 1 step down as […]

Tweet Judging by this 60 min chart of the VIX, it looks like this chart is consolidating and is getting ready to bust to the upside. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a major drop on Monday with this breaking out above the $47 level if this bullish pattern plays out. The fact that the […]

Tweet Today was another great day trading due to how I traded. Listen guys, don’t judge your success as a trader by how much money you made at the end of the day. Judge you progress by three things and you’ll begin to have small successes, which in turn leads to big ones. Consistency Following your game […]