Tweet By Jeff Pierce Note the rising bearish wedge on the Nasdaq indicating we could be close to a point where the current rally stalls.   Volatility has all but dried up. High volatility leads to low volatility and vice versa. We could be getting close to a reversal in volatility.

Tweet By Jeff Pierce  Kinda ran outta time with that video. Bound to happen every once in awhile. One chart I didn’t get to is VIP. This is a chart I really like right now as I think it’s finding support and going to make a run at highs. Keep your eyes on this one. […]


Tweet After last weeks fireworks the market has started off the week consolidating those gains and drifting back to support. That is a good thing for the market going forward and if we can get through tomorrow’s Fed meeting without any bad news/perceived bad news then there’s a good chance we’re going back to April/May […]