Tweet By Jeff Pierce While the financials may have an intraday pullback or even a 2 day pullback it doesn’t have to happen as this is one very strong sector.  Volume on the individual stocks have been much more impressive than the XLF, but the strength is undeniable. Bottom line is this either goes higher or down a […]

Tweet By Karen Starich There have been recent accusations that Citi Group (C) could be the worst offender in the Libor rate fixing scandal, and based on some rare aspects to the IPO chart there could be a lawsuit, or new charges, against the bank from states or local governments in August.  Many local state, […]

Tweet By Karen Starich Today’s move in the markets comes on news that Draghi is willing to do what is necessary. The question for Draghi should be “what the heck does that mean?” Truly we are on the cusp of a karmic reconciliation in financial sector. Saturn is the “the keeper of the records” and […]

Tweet The following is an except from last Sunday’s premium newsletter by Karen Starich, who uses astrology to forecast events in the financial markets. Learn how Astrology Traders can give you an unparalleled edge in trading. Full Moon May 6, 2012 The distance of the full Moon on May 6th is 356,954 km from earth, which is the minimum range.  […]