Tweet By Jeff Pierce While the equity markets haven’t been offering many long trading opportunities for the chart patterns I watch for, Chinese stocks have been having a good few weeks. Below are 3 recent Chinese IPO’s that could be good trading ideas to revisit after they have a little more history to base support/resistance […]

Tweet . This is a unique way of getting down to the bottom of something that is going on in your life. I came across this awhile back and totally plan to try this, but I wanted to share it with you guys in case any of you were looking for this, but didn’t know […]

Tweet With everything that is going on in the world markets and the nasty headlines everywhere it’s easy to become frustrated, scared, and overwhelmed which leads to high stress levels which in turns leads to poor trading. This by no means is a comprehensive list, but merely a  reminder of some simple things you can […]

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Tweet No new additions on the Momentum front, however 2 stocks that I think have the potential to move higher over the next couple of days are MFG and HAR. Both were up today while the indexes were in the tank and they finished the day consolidating at/near their highs. Additions: N/A Deletions: OPEN IAG […]