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Tweet With the monthly employment numbers out tomorrow before the bell I decided to sit on the sidelines and not carry any positions over. Investors apparently liked what they heard from the stress tests after the bell, but they could change their mind just as fast if the numbers are disasterous. I’m not in the […]


Tweet Many charts are looking so good I classify them as an “unsustainable pattern”. Breakouts can only run so far before gravity brings them back down to Earth. Be careful out there on the long side but build a good watchlist of stocks to watch for pullbacks to buy when the markets correct. Additions: OMGI […]

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Tweet While many momentum stocks continue to perform well (CYOU SNDA KIRK) I’m not seeing many new candidates showing up on my scans. Add in that many of the current leaders are looking very tired has me skeptical we can move much higher without a meaningful pullback. I know I sound like a broken record here but […]