Below is an example of a stock pick that we didn’t include in this weeks newsletter for Astrology Traders because we already had plenty of content. We offer a 14 day grace period to ask for a full refund, no questions asked. I thought I’d share it as Karen sees big things for the Technology sector. Below is an excerpt from an email she sent me the other day.

It happened on January 10 2012 (noon NY) and also Dec 20 2011, The beginning of a huge bull run in technology. so many people will become rich with technology it has the potential to alter all the major economies…this market is going to go much higher than the 80’s tech boom, it will be like another tech bubble into 2020

I see a date in March this sector is going to surprise everyone. There is opportunity for one more pullback early March.

I like how this recent IPO is pulling back to it’s 50 ema after a 100% run. The RSI is bullish and will likely trend between 40-80. I would become suspicious on any daily close under it’s 50 ema. My first target would be near $19 and I would take half or two-thirds of your position as it will likely run into some resistance around that level.


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  1. abdul Says:

    INVN retrace after failing to put wave 4. Simple analysis, the 50 SMA is the support while the 15 EMA is the resistance. If it clearly break away from the support then it will look for the next support. Same goes that if it clearly break away from the resistance zone then it will try to put a new high. There is plenty of cash yet to go into the market and Nasdaq performing well above other markets so be optimistic for anyone who wish to invest this year. For those who wish to invest for long term, then buy good location apartment in Downtown area for be rented out and earn lifetime monthly income. Cheers.

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