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A lot of times, when you hear the term “second mortgage,” it’s related to some negative situations, such as being in over your head in debt. A lot of people think that if you have a second mortgage, you are maxed to the gills on your credit availability.

Yet second mortgages are actually powerful lending tools that can help you achieve your financial goals if used correctly. Here are a few benefits of a second mortgage in Mississauga to consider:

Pay Down Debts

Second mortgages are based on the equity you have in your home. The more equity you have, the more you can borrow. You can use that money to pay down other debts, such as high credit card balances, student loans or medical bills. The interest rate on the second mortgage may be less than the interest rate on those other debts, saving you money while helping you consolidate the debt into one monthly payment.

Pay for Home Renovations and Repairs

Getting a new roof is expensive. As is fixing your foundation, getting a new air conditioner, or any number of other repairs you might have to make. Ditto for any renovations you want to make, such as redoing your kitchen or bathroom.

Getting a Mississauga second mortgage can help you finance those projects so you don’t have to deal with financing through the contractor or to put the expenses on a high-interest credit card.

Fund Investments

Maybe you want to buy a second home, or maybe you want to start your own business. A second mortgage can give you a considerable portion of the money. You can use the funds for a down payment on that second house or to put toward the capital you need for the new business. Again, how much you get will depend on how much equity you have and your overall credit worthiness.

Talk to a local lender about the options for getting a second mortgage. You’ll love the opportunities available to you with this funding and can work toward meeting your goals.

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