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Part I

The Dow Jones was born on July 3, 1884.  As the financial markets and Wall Street came into being so did the adoption of various forecasting techniques.  The magnetism of wealth and money attracted a variety of individuals, including those who were part of secret societies and custodians of the highest cultural concepts.  It seems odd that these masters of the Mysteries would place themselves at the core of a system that provided nothing more than economic security at the expense of the human soul, mind, and body.

manlyOne such master was Manly P. Hall, astrologer and author of The Secret Teachings of All Ages.  Hall had a brief career on Wall Street during the interval between WWI and the Great Depression of 1929.  After witnessing a man take his life over investment losses he chose to leave Wall Street and compile the works of the forgotten sages.  Spending hours in the New York Public Library assembling the idealistic philosophies and deeper aspects of comparative religion, Hall endeavored to raise society out of the acceptance of a sterile materialism.  It seems his efforts were timely and the first two editions of the book were sold out before the volume came off the press.

Other pioneers included W.D. Gann, Muriel Hasbrouck, Donald Bradley (Bradley Model), and Louise Mcwhirter.  Gann used a number of techniques, including astrology.  He employed various individuals with highly sophisticated and very secret methods.  Gann’s astrologers were Ken Brown and Edward Johndro.  Their work was never published, and anything that was recorded was reportedly destroyed after Johndro’s death.  Bill Meridian, a current Wall Street astrologer working at Merrill Lynch, was mentored by Johndro and is the only living astrologer I know of who likely has knowledge of the techniques.  Bill has published several volumes on stock market trading that focus on the incorporation and IPO charts, while little is mentioned regarding the work of Johndro.

The mystery of financial astrology goes further.  Muriel Hasbrouck used astrology to conduct research on earthquakes.  Her work took a grand detour when her husband realized her projections coincided with stock market moves–this is why my work always includes a political bent because the politics and the markets go hand-in -hand.  She established Space-Time Forecasting and grew a following on Wall Street.  The U.S. government also began corresponding with Muriel since, not surprising, her work also projected the dates of secret missile tests!  Like Johndro, the Hasbrouck secret techniques disappeared after her passing.

The famous Bradley model was introduced in 1949 when Donald Bradley published The Stock Market Barometer and How To Use IT.  The Bradley Model has taken on a life of its own and continues to be featured in financial news.  Bill Meridian analyzed the Bradley projections in modern times and found the cycle projections were only correct 48 percent of the time.  Not a very good batting average.

Louise McWirther identified a nodal cycle in relation to the economy during the 1930’s and George Bayer was noted for his research in the 1940’s.  Bayer concentrated on heliocentric aspects, planetary speed, and declination for projecting price movements in commodities.  His work lives on today and many financial astrologers, including Raymond Merriman, use the heliocentric approach to analyze commodities.

With the development of new computer technology modern astrologers have the advantage of software programs designed to predict price with certain planetary formations.  In 1987 Bill Meridian and Robert Hand developed a software program called AstroAnalyst.  The program introduced composite cycles to analyze the effect of aspects on any market.  The Magi Society currently offers software that calculates planetary motion ratios that are very similar to Fibonacci ratios.  Both programs require a sophisticated knowledge of astrology in order to  interpret the outcome.

Some astrologers, like myself, have taken the interpretation difficulty out of the equation by launching services that sort out the analysis into actionable information.  Arch Crawford launched Crawford Perspectives in 1977, a service that continues to this day.  In 1987 Arch’s work earned him the title of “Wall Streets best-known astrologer” from Barrons.  He did so by pinpointing the market crash in 1987.

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