The heavens will celebrate tax day this year with a total lunar eclipse (dire warning) at 25 degrees Libra.  The eclipse to the Federal Reserve and USA charts shows the potential for an immediate crises situation that could become evident in April 2014.  In the USA chart the houses being impacted are: the 2nd house of banking, bonds, currency, the financial structure of derivatives and credit default swaps from the banking sector.  On the other side the 8th house of: interest rates, mortgages, retirement accounts, private equity firms, and the counterparties in the derivatives and CDS’s.   Both the 2nd and 8th houses have stress that will manifest as a tug of war between the two houses.  The 8th house also involves financial relationships with foreign nations and the threat of default is the likely theme in 2014.lunar eclipse

In my view the removal of Bernanke was due to mistakes and flaws in his approach to monetary policy.  MF Global was a big oops under Bernanke’s watch.  He was the man in charge, and we have to wonder why the ordeal was relatively hidden in the media and quickly brushed under the rug.  MF Global was a major global financial derivatives broker and fits the criteria for the 2nd house banking and originator of derivative risk mentioned above.  The 8th house counterparty could involve former president Bill Clinton’s firm Teneo, a private equity firm hired by MF Global prior to the collapse, and Clinton’s ties to other foreign leaders.  We still don’t know who absorbed the losses with the MFG failure.

I have suggested a lot of roads likely lead back to JP Morgan and the MF Global collapse.  A central figure would be Jamie Dimon, but there are others who are involved.  It would be impossible to know the inner workings of these bankers, however, Blythe Masters, the commodities head at JP Morgan, could also be one of the central figures in the 2008 financial crisis, as well as the current crises unfolding.  As a reminder, Ms. Masters was the original architect of the modern credit default swap and credit derivative products at JP Morgan.  These derivatives played a key role in the 2008 financial crises.  Masters was described by the UK newspaper, The Guardian, as “the woman who invented the financial weapons of mass destruction”.

In April 2014, just prior to the eclipse, there could be another major banking gaffe.  An attempt to manipulate currencies (and commodities), or stop gap other losses, could put JP Morgan again in the spotlight.  The theme is international monetary concerns (currency), bonds, and defaults on financial obligations.   As a reminder April 16th is an important date for a dispensation that could stop an injustice.  We will have to wait and see what happens.

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