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The following is an excerpt from this weekend’s Astrology Traders update.

Secret Saucess

The Federal Reserve must be brilliant- or so it seems. Our stock market has moved so flawlessly higher since the major correction in 2008-09.  The Fed has so flawlessly intervened in corporate America from banking to manufacturing and everything in between. They have everything under control, or so it seems.  India looked stellar too, yet suddenly India’s economy is weakening-as I predicted on September 13th- and now the world looks to be entering a downturn.


The US markets have made a comeback in October with the aid of  European QE designed to bring confidence back along new all time highs.  But, something is not working.  As of last week some foreign markets are starting to look like they are about to crack.  Jeff sees the Toronto TSX entering Bearish territory and Chris has highlighted below the French and Indian markets looking the same.  Something is amiss despite the Fed’s efforts to project an image of total control.  I have warned of such an episode coming, and as a reminder, this is what I wrote on September 13th.


India will likely take a turn economically in the Fall. Saturn is finishing a retrograde cycle in conjunction to India’s natal South Node. The influence here is currency, the economy and international cooperation. It looks like India could take a serious turn for the worse, much like a depression, that is obvious in the markets near September 23rd.

On Friday the US markets took a sudden decline into the close.  This, on the heels of unsettling comments from San Francisco Fed President John Williams suggesting there is something going on they don’t understand.


From Reuter’s

San Francisco Federal Reserve President John Williams said on Friday that low neutral interest rates are a warning sign of possible changes in the U.S. economy that the central bank does not fully understand.

“I see this as more of a warning, a red flag that there’s something going on here that isn’t in the models, that we maybe don’t understand as well as we think, and we should dig down deep deeper and try to figure this out better,” he said during a panel discussion at the Brookings Institute in Washington.

These comments are evidence of what I have been describing in the astrology.  The Fed is not able to move forward with their agenda.  In the spring of 2016 the circumstances- or box- the Federal Reserve is in becomes more narrow.  The QE is not working as it has done in the past.  The economic models the Fed has used may become more “useless” in 2016, and as I have described in the past with Saturn square Jupiter, the laws of supply and demand have been so broken the world will have to suffer the consequences of allowing the manipulation.

Adam Smith, the economic philosopher of Laissez-Faire capitalism, stood counter to Keynesian philosophy describing  what he termed the ‘invisible hand’ that guides the economy.  the theme is natural ‘price’ discovery.  The Laissez-Faire philosophy states the government should be hands off business.  We are in a paradigm shift where the powers of the Fed will be forced to conform to the laws of nature.

China may have been the first major economy to allow their stock index to find its natural support.  The rest of the world will follow suit.  America does not have the secret sauce, and the secret is… there is no secret sauce.


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