By Charlie Brown

Many people desire to immigrate to the USA. It is one of the world's super power nations. As a result, it offers many opportunities for growth and life improvement. To successfully immigrate to the USA, one needs to go through a number of bureaucratic processes. They can be very complicated. Hence, it is best to do so with the assistance of a lawyer. There are law firms which specialize in immigration law. An example of such is David Kaplan Law Offices. Here is more about this company and what they can do for you.

What is David Kaplan Law Offices?

David Kaplan is a law firm which specializes in immigration law. The company assists clients whether they are already in the USA or they are living in their own home countries. The law firm was opened in December 2014 in Philadelphia by Mr. David Kaplan. As soon as it was up and running, the firm dove deep into nationality law and immigration. The lawyers working within the firm are experienced, knowledgeable and empathetic. The officer provides a number of services in immigration.

Services provided by this law firm

David Kaplan Law Offices provides services such as:

1. Marriage-based immigration
2. Naturalization
3. Family-based visas
4. Appeals
5. Waivers
6. U-Visas
7. Asylum
8. Immigration based on employment

Marriage-based immigration

This is a service that is provided by David Kaplan to U.S. citizens and their spouses who wish to get permanent residence in the USA. This service is extended to both same-sex and heterogeneous couples.


This is a process through which people can become US citizens. It is one of the most meaningful and exciting experiences that a person can go through. David Kaplan Law Offices is equipped with the skill and immigration lawyer to make this happen.

Family-based visas

This is a type of visa which is provided to a family if one of them is a permanent resident. It is provided if you want to bring your children or other members of the family into the USA. This law office is equipped to ensure this happens.


If a person is a victim of a crime that was performed in the USA, they can get a U-visa. It is provided so that they can help in the investigation and eventual prosecution of the defendants. The victims of the crime must be willing to cooperate with the authorities so as to get this type of visa.


If you come into the USA without the required documentation or in an improper way but want to acquire citizenship, this is an application which you can make. The David Kaplan Law Offices can help you to do this. Waivers are also provided in cases where your family in other countries will experience problems if you move out of the USA.


Sometimes, the Board of Immigration can deny your visa application case erroneously. Your case can also take too long to be processed. In such cases, the lead immigration lawyer in David Kaplan Law Offices can approach the immigration office so as to get the case expedited.


Immigrating to the USA is one of the main ambitions for many people all over the world. The David Kaplan Law Offices can make it possible. More information about this can be found in their official website.

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