Known for his temper in Hell’s Kitchen and culinary remarks on MasterChef, Gordon Ramsay takes his skills to the smaller screen — YouTube.

Even though he has his hands complete with his television, production, chef, and restaurant career, he went ahead and dipped his toe into the business of the online sort. Which a good thing that he did, because not surprisingly, it ended up being a significant hit. With his YouTube career on the rise, and Hell’s Kitchen slot game catching much-deserved attention, it would be no surprise cooks up some online roulette games as well.

At the moment, Gordon Ramsay’s YouTube channel has a staggering 17.6 million subscribers and a view count of over 3 billion. However, this amount is dispersed across the various subcategories and seems to be like unlimited videos.

Considering the abundance of projects he worked and continues to work on, from being a TV personality to creating a Hell’s Kitchen slot machine game, it would be a big miss from his end if he didn’t take on YouTube as well.

Digital Cookbook With Tutorials, Tips, And Techniques 

Perhaps the most known sub-channel of the Gordon Ramsay YouTube is “Gordon Ramsay’s Recipes” where he allows his viewers to bring his dishes to life in their kitchen. No matter what meal he makes during these videos, they last a maximum of 6 minutes, allowing viewers to catch on to delicious recipes in just a matter of minutes, hassle-free.

Ramsay shares tips and techniques in his kitchen throughout these videos, so anyone making the recipe can attempt to make it to perfection.

Ramsay Explores The World Through His Tastebuds

Alongside his signature dishes, Ramsay also takes his viewers on an adventure across several continents through “Ramsay Around the World” another extension of the initial YouTube channel. In this category, Ramsay visits countries across the globe and uses some of their most known ingredients to make traditional and exotic dishes. These YouTube videos are somewhat along the lines of Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted. However, they aim to have a shorter and more to-the-point manner.

Cooking On Demand

Although nothing quite beats the taste of his specialties when they are made in a professional kitchen from top chefs in his restaurants, taking on the YouTube world allowed him to expand his talents and reach a much larger audience. Given that YouTube has become a staple for many younger generations, it seems appropriate that a businessman such as himself managed to find a way to reach several target markets at once.

Ramsay continues to grow his business empire through various channels, even outside of YouTube. Still, he plans to continuously allow his fans and viewers to cook on demand and work on their culinary knowledge with his assistance.

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