Also the game is the majority are giving to the minority.. The minority educate the majority on how to play the game using charts educated in past tense anyone can see when to get in in past patterns. so it all looks good and easy. But what has happened the minority winners know where the money is and when it will arrive because they have taught the majority when to come into the market.

So rule on are you a minority player or majority? I found I had to know when the minority moved to take the money from the majority. The game is cash flow remember so you must look for the money when it comes into take. You cant play on the board without leaving a foot print… So you gotta know what a money foot print looks like?   ~ from “Trading with a Plan”

If you’re unsure of how to calculate the current trend of a stock or index, you may want to try this free analysis tool where they provide a buy/sell signal.


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