By Chris Haley

Even if you think you should, it’s too late. Investors should always welcome declines as they are the prelude to a rally to a higher level. It is counter intuitive, but you should welcome them.

The farthest these declines will go is one more week as then we hit the debt default line and this will be solved as it is to serious not to be. The two sides are not so far apart, but it’s the Tea Party extremist’s that have provoked it and there are plenty of moderates in the GOP to stop it getting too serious. When the deal is done there will be a rapid and big bounce back as all this noise is political not economic.


Chris Haley is a  full time investor with thirty years experience and used to making around 50% a year in equity capital returns, having worked previously for financial investment firms JP Morgan’s Save and Proper in the UK and Royal Insurance.

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